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February 15, 2012
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Sparrow Class Spaceship by SpireKat Sparrow Class Spaceship by SpireKat
I originally drew this because I wanted to have a profile sketch of a spaceship to display in my room. In the end though, it just got filed away.
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reminds me of the Sulaco from Aliens, very good would fit into that movie perfectly pity they moved away from that style.
The Marlow? Looks a bit like it, with the gun on top. Anyway, I love it. It might even help me out with describing a dreadnought in my fanfic :)
Really great. I'm interested in how you manage to come up with so much detail? I notice you mentioned previously that you often find generating the detail goes relatively quickly but the general shape takes more time, and I find I am almost entirely the opposite and find detail really hard. What is your process on working on things like this?

Also, cheeky question, do you happen to use a drawing board?

Again, fantastic stuff. Gonna have a look through the rest of your gallery!
Hi, thanks for the questions. For mechanical drawings like this one, I try to draw the details as if I'm carving, etching or sculpting something in 3D with a pen. I might draw some basic guidelines and start adding details such as bevels here and there. When drawing lines, I sometimes make an offset with another line right next to it with the gap between them barely visible. The offset usually includes gaps and dips for some subtle detail. Perpendicular lines are then drawn at some of the gaps and dips along with another offset with gaps and dips. By doing this repeatedly, I start to see shapes forming and try to make them stand out by enhancing those areas with more detail and maybe even adding some perspective. I hope this makes some sense. It's easier to show than describe.

I also advise not becoming lazy with the details and start faking things after a long session. If you become burned out, put the drawing away and return to it later when you have more energy to continue.

I do have a drawing board (26"x20") and I think I used it for this drawing along with a T-square and some triangles. The board is pretty old and worn out now though. I had kept in the garage after a move and the wood is starting to separate.
ThrowYouAway Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice work and especially detail work on this. Its also a good reference for maybe upcoming future projects.
You have a really nice gallery, too.
Looking forward to see more from you! :)
i think i can draw that for abit :L
no problem man/girl? :L
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